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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What is Market Share?

Market share is defined as the proportion of the total sales that a particular Company earns. An Example of Market Share If you operate within a...




Buy to Let Allowable Expenses

Buy to Let Allowable Expenses

Reduce your tax bill by making sure you claim for all allowable expenses on your...
Buy to Let Landlords Tax Due

Buy to Let Landlords: How to Work Out Tax Due on Rental Income

If you are a Landlord collecting rental income then you will need to pay tax...
Why is a furnished holiday let a good investment?

Is a Furnished Holiday Let a Good Investment?

If you are a property investor you may be wondering what makes a Furnished Holiday...
Rental Property Makes a Loss

What Happens If Your Rental Property Makes a Loss?

It is entirely possible that you can make a loss on a rental property, for...
Rental bathroom Replacement Tax

Can I Claim for the cost of a Replacement Bathroom for a Rental Property on my Tax Return?

If you are a landlord and replaced a bathroom in one of your rental property,...