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Self Employed Virtual Assistant Hourly Rate Setting

Self Employed Virtual Assistant: How to Set Your Hourly Rate

One of the biggest challenges often faced as a self employed virtual assistant can often be deciding what hourly rate to charge. There's a...
Know your hourly rate

The Importance of Knowing Your Hourly Rate When You Are Self Employed

Setting and understanding your hourly rate can be empowering for you and your business. Every time you pitch for a job, you'll know what fee to...
Legals and Accounting for a Second Business

Legals and Accounting for a Second Business

Once you have decided to start a second business, it is important to consider the legal and accounting implications not just for the second...
Insurance for Your Home Based Business

Insurance for Your Home Based Business

Your home business is a business like any other and as such needs to be protected losses, damage and other risks that it may...
Self employed hourly rate setting

Self Employed: Common Sense Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Your Hourly Rate

Guilt, nervousness and general confusion are all common feelings experienced when setting your self employed hourly rate.  It's especially worse if you are taking...
Register as self employed by phone

How to Register as Self Employed by Phone

The HMRC phone number to register for National Insurance, Income Tax and VAT if you’ve recently become self employed is: 0300 200 3500 HMRCs opening times are...
Questions to ask before going from employed to self employed

5 Questions to answer before you make the leap from Employee to Self Employed

Leaving your job and the security of a regular pay packet can be a worrying thought, especially if you have family and children dependant on you. But the thrill of being master of your own destiny and build your own business may be too much to keep you in a 9 till 5 job. So, before you make the leap, here are 5 questions to ask yourself to make sure you feel ready to hand in your notice and get your P45.
Six Simple Ways to Fund Your Small Business

6 Simple Ways to Fund Your Small Business

With the growing strain on our economy that has made it difficult to have a good quality life on an average income, it is...
5 Things Your Shouldn't Waste Your Start Up Money On

5 Things You Shouldn’t Waste Your Start Up Money On

Whether you are funding your business yourself, taken a bank loan or have investment seeing a large sum of money in a bank account...
Should I Use a Credit Card to Start a Business

Should I Use a Credit Card to Start a Business?

It can be tough finding the start up capital you need to get your business idea off the ground. Lenders often require business history...


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