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How to claim a tax rebate on work mileage

Are You Entitled to a Tax Rebate On Your Work Mileage?

If you are employed and use your personal vehicle for work purposes, then you should check whether you are entitled to a tax rebate...

What is a Dividend?

What is a Dividend? You may receive a dividend if you own shares in a Company.  Unlike a salary, a dividend is paid out of...
Corporation Tax: Associated Companies

Corporation Tax: Associated Companies

The corporation tax rate is currently set at 19%, regardless of the amount of taxable profits.  However historically the corporation tax rate was set...
What is corporation tax

What is Corporation Tax?

What is Corporation Tax? Corporation tax a tax paid by limited companies.  Self employed individuals do not need to pay corporation tax. Corporation tax is paid...
Small Business Taxes

Small Business Taxes – What You Need to Know About

Starting your own business can be a truly liberating experience, enabling you to make big, bold decisions and do things your way. However, the...
BMA Tax Relief for Doctors

BMA & Allowable Expenses Tax Relief for Doctors

If you are a Doctor then there are no doubt costs that you are probably paying for as part of doing your job, including...
contact hmrc

How Do I Contact HMRC About My Tax Code?

If you have a question or believe there may be a problem with your tax code then get in touch with HMRC by phone...
NHS & Healthcare Workers Uniform Tax Rebate

Guide to the NHS & Healthcare Workers Uniform Tax Rebate

If you are a NHS or healthcare worker then you may be entitled to claim a tax rebate for the cost of washing, maintaining...
tax rebate for washing uniform

HMRC Tax Rebate for Washing Uniform

If you have to wash you own uniform at home home then you may be able to claim a HMRC tax rebate which covers...
How Much Can You Claim for HMRC Uniform Tax Rebate

How Much Can You Claim for HMRC Uniform Tax Rebate

You may be able to claim a HMRC tax rebate on the cost of cleaning, repairing and replacing your uniform, as well as any...


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