Getting registered as self employed with HMRC is a fairly straightforward process, which you can do yourself. Here’s how…

How to Register as Self Employed if you have not submitted a Tax Return before

You can register as self employed online HERE.

The process can take up to 7 -10 days however and requires an activation code being posted to you, so it is advisable that you register as soon as possible so you are ready in time to submit your first personal tax return by 31 January each year and avoid penalties.

You should have your national insurance number at the ready, since you will be asked to enter this along with other personal details such as your date of birth, home address and full name.  As part of the registration process you will be issued with login details and a UTR (‘Unique Tax Payers Reference’) Number by post.  You must keep all this information safe because you will need this when you want to log in again to check your account and submit your personal tax return.

How to Register as Self Employed if you have have Submitted a Personal Tax Return Previously

If you already have an account with HMRC (Government Gateway Account) and submitted a tax return previously, for example to declare rental income but have now chosen to become self employed then you need to complete an online form called a CWF1.  Again you can do this online here and you will need to provide information about your self employment and you’ll need your UTR number too.

Download Your Quick Start Guide to Going Self Employed Here! Our guide is designed to give you a quick overview of the things you should ask and need to do once you have decided to go self employed.

Quick Start Guide to Going Self Employed