UTR (Unique Taxpayer ReferenceNumber is a 10 digit number that HMRC that you get if you are are registered for Self Assessment. It is a reference number that is unique to just you, like a passport number or national insurance number and means HMRC can identify who you are.

When do you get a UTR Number

You get a UTR number if you are registered for Self Assessment, meaning you need to submit a Personal Tax Return detailing money you have earned which you have not paid tax on. For example:

  • You are a landlord who received rent from tenants;
  • You are self employed and are responsible for your own income and taxes;
  • You receive dividends.

Do I Need to Submit a Tax Return?

Your UTR number if a reference which allows HMRC to identify all your personal tax affairs easily. Given the confidential nature of your UTR number you cannot be issued this number over the phone if you have lost it.

Find a Lost UTR Number

How to Get a UTR Number

If you have received untaxed earnings and need to submit a tax return, then you need to register for Self Assessment, at which point you will get your UTR number issued.  You can register for Self Assessment online on the HMRC website.

How to Get a UTR Number Quickly

The online registration process takes up to 10 days and cannot really be done any quicker, so make sure you leave enough time to get your UTR number. The self assessment deadline is the 31 January each year so make sure you get your UTR number issued well in advance of this deadline, otherwise you will face costly penalties.

It is worth noting that if you already have a UTR number but have lost it, that you cannot get your number over the phone from HMRC.  Due to the confidential nature of the information attached to your UTR number, it will need to be posted to your registered address.

How to Find my UTR Number Online

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