What is an SA302?

If you are self employed and in the process of applying for a mortgage, your potential lender or mortgage advisor may ask you to order your SA302 form from HMRC for certain tax years.

Order Your S302 by Phone

An SA302 form is a document issued by HMRC summarising your total earnings and income tax payable for a particular tax year.  You can order your SA302 form  from HMRC by phoning them on 0300 200 3300 to request the document to be posted to you.

However, many mortgage providers are now beginning to accept 2 documents that you can download from your HMRC online account for their mortgage application process making things much easier and quicker.

Order Your SA302 Online

Your SA302 is available instantly online.  The two documents you need to get are:

  • Tax Calculation (which is a summary of your total earnings and tax from your submitted tax return) and
  • Tax Overview (which confirms that you have fully paid up your tax)

You should be aware that each tax calculation and overview is for one particular tax year, so if your application requires evidence going back 3 years, for example, you would need to print 3 tax calculations and 3 tax overviews.

How to Get Your SA302 Tax Calculation Form Online

  1. Login into your HMRC personal tax account
  2. Select Tax Return Options on the left hand menu
  3. Select the Tax Year from the drop down menu
  4. Select View Return
  5. Select View Your Calculation on the left hand menu
  6. Click ‘View and Print Your Calculation’

View a sample HMRC Tax Calculation HERE

How to Get Your Tax Year Overview Online

  1. Login into your HMRC personal tax account
  2. Select View Account on the left hand menu
  3. Select Tax Years on the left hand menu
  4. Choose the required Tax Year from the drop down menu and hit Go
  5. Click ‘Print Your Tax Year Overview’

View a Sample HMRC Tax Overview HERE

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