lost p60

How to Get a P60 or What To Do If You Have Lost it

If you have lost your P60 or think you should have received one, then there are a couple of ways you can get a P60 or a replacement one:

Approach Your Employer

Your Employer will probably have an electronic copy on file since they are required to hold onto copies for 3 years.  They should be able to issue a copy of your lost P60 although it will say ‘Duplicate’ on it.

If you need to go back further than 3 years and your Employer does not a P60 form available you could ask them to issue a ‘Statement of Earnings’.

Speak to HMRC

Unfortunately HMRC are unable to issue a copy of this document as it is a form prepared by your Employer for you. If you do not feel you can’t or don’t want to approach your Employer about your lost P60 then you can contact HMRC who should be able to provide your with official information regarding your earnings and tax deductions.

Find out how to contact HMRC regarding your Lost P60 form here. Make sure you have your National Insurance number handy when you call them which you can probably find on a recent payslip.

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