If you have lost your Company Authentication Code, then you can retrieve it but for security reasons you can only retrieve your lost Company Authentication Code by post to your Registered Office Address.

What is a Company Authentication Code

A Company Authentication Code is a 6 digit code issued by Companies House to each Limited Company, whether it is trading or dormant. The Company Authentication Code is used as part of the process for filing online information on Companies House.  Pre online filing any documentation required a Directors signature for approval, with the movement towards online filing, the Company Authentication Code is considered to be the equivalent of a Directors or Company Secretary signature.  Therefore a Company Authentication Code is a really important piece of information.

How to Find a Lost Company Authentication Code

If you have lost your Company Authentication Code then, given the importance of the code, Companies House can only send out a copy of the code by post to the Company’s Registered Office.

How to Find Your Lost Company Authentication Code Online

You can request a copy of your Authentication Code HERE, you’ll need to your Registered Company Number (which is publicly available on the Companies House website).

You Company Authentication Code is important to your day to day Company administration, here’s how to change it to something more memorable.

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