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What is Gross Profit?

Gross profit is a measure of profitability.  It is the amount of profit a business makes after deducting all the costs of associated with...

What is a Profit & Loss Account?

The Profit & Loss account is a statement which shows the profit or loss of the business and a financial summary of how this...

Allowable Expenses for Your Recruitment Agency

You’ve set up your own Recruitment Agency and you are finally master of your own destiny! But amongst all the fun of meeting new people and the excitement of making your first placement there is always financial admin to deal with and you may be wondering what expenses are allowable for your agency.


4 Tips for Taking Your Small Business Online

Running a small business before the era of internet, you had a very limited choice of available options – you would go to your...
P87 HMRC Online Form

P87 HMRC Online Form

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