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How to Register for VAT Online

How to Register for VAT Online

HMRC VAT Registration Online In most cases businesses can register for VAT online on the HMRC website. You either need to create or login to your...
Benefits of Voluntary VAT Registration

Benefits of a Voluntary VAT Registration

HMRC Voluntary VAT Registration You can opt to register for VAT even if you are below the VAT registration threshold (£85,000 for 2017/2018) and many...
VAT Registration Limits

VAT Limits 2017/2018

VAT Registration Limits For the current year 2017/2018 your business can turnover £85,000 before it exceeds the limit required to register for VAT. This VAT Registration...
should i register my business for VAT

Should I Register my Business for VAT?

Businesses are responsible for collecting VAT from end consumers on behalf of the government - they collect VAT from their customers then pay it...


4 Tips for Taking Your Small Business Online

Running a small business before the era of internet, you had a very limited choice of available options – you would go to your...
P87 HMRC Online Form

P87 HMRC Online Form

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