Bookkeeping refers to the processing & recording of day to day financial transactions of a business.  These financial transactions are taken from information such as sales invoices, supplier invoices, bank statements and expense claims.  They are recorded in what is commonly called the ‘books’ of the business or company using either a spreadsheet or accounting software depending on what most suits the business.

Bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process because without a summary of all the financial transactions of a business an accountant would be unable to:

  • Analyse a business’ performance;
  • Prepare accounts;
  • Fill out tax returns.


Anita is a Chartered Accountant, turned blogger and creator of the ever popular free Go Self Employed Email Mini Course, which has been completed by hundreds of attendees all over the UK. Using her 10 years experience in accounting, tax and operations for Small Businesses, Anita is on a mission to make finance simple for the self employed, so they can stop stressing about tax & finances and focus on building profitable businesses which will give them the lifestyle they dream of.